IEP is a training entity, certified by the Directorate General for Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT) and the Portuguese Association for Certification (APCER), which has been in the market for more than three decades and offers vocational training covering all areas of technical and technological knowledge that IEP works with. The extensive training we offer has contributed, for over 30 years, to the development and improvement of the performance of national and international businesses, namely in Portuguese-Speaking African Countries (PALOPs). We have a thorough Training Catalog,with defined programs and we also tailor courses to meet the needs of enterprises, we organize themed seminars, we offer postgraduate courses, certify people and qualify people with a view to certification.

The IEP has a specific website for training services where we offer a wide range of courses, specializations and tailor-made training in various fields, with the main highlight being technology.


If you need more information about our services, please contact us with your questions.


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