IEC 61000-4-6:2023

IEC 61000-4-6:2023

IEC 61000-4-6:2023 – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 4-6: Testing and measurement techniques – Immunity to conducted disturbances, induced by radio-frequency fields


IEC 61000-4-6: 2023 relates to the conducted immunity requirements of electrical and electronic equipment to electromagnetic disturbances coming from intended radio-frequency (RF) transmitters in the frequency range 150 kHz up to 80 MHz.


This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition published in 2013. This edition constitutes a technical revision.

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

  1. a) selection of injection devices revised;
  2. b) need of AE impedance check for clamp injection removed and Annex H deleted;
  3. c) saturation check revised;
  4. d) new Annex H on testing with multiple signals;
  5. e) level-setting only with feedback loop.


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